What is Experiential Marketing and why is it used? Is this a good option for my brand?

These are common questions when thinking of marketing options. Experiential Marketing, or (XM) in its essence, is creating an experience attached to a brand so that the brand becomes more integrated into the lives of the consumer awareness and lifestyle.  Experiential marketing goes beyond the written word or the visual image, straight right to the very heart of what builds loyalty by creating a memorable experience which leads to a relationship, and without a relationship there can be no loyalty.

When a potential consumer comes across your mobile activation site, sometimes this is the first time that person becomes aware of your brand. To create a great lasting impression you need to make a great first impression. Beyond Experiential understands that many times this is the first point of contact between your consumer and your brand. We strive to make sure that your branded message is delivered by educated  professional staff and backed up with fresh innovative strategies. Beyond Experiential can help your brand go beyond mass marketed advertisements and stand out against the clutter by helping you create a memorable interactive branded experience that will leave a great lasting impression on your consumer.

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