The Aeronauts is an Amazon Original Movie featuring a fanciful era where hot air balloons and adventures soar. To promote this film, Beyond Experiential partnered with Evolve Activation to take this spectacular 1860’s-esque fair to 5 major cities across the Nation. To deliver this event, Permits, Vendors, and Logistics were secured. Our professional Crew built each footprint from the ground up in each city, and back into the truck for the next city.

Throughout the event our talented Brand Ambassadors, Circus Entertainers, and Licenced Food & Beverage Specialists we on hand to provide an engaging and immersive experience, including fortune tellers, cartoonists dressed in period-themed outfits.

Guests were guided through 9 different engagements, transforming modern day city parks into places of exploration and wonder, a truly memorable and impactful experience.

A hot air balloon carried guests into the sky, overlooking an impressive array of fanciful branded interactions, including themed photo booths, old fashioned food vendors, and a screening by Amazon. Other hot air balloons were set up and were used as projectors for the screening.

We Do It All, And We Go Beyond.