When you inspire emotion through experiential marketing you are actually creating a true connection between your brand and your consumer. When your consumer associates feelings with your brand then they are more likely to go out of their way to find and purchase your brand, no other substitute will do. The easiest way to connect with your consumer and to inspire feelings is through a memorable and interactive experience that leaves your consumer feeling closer to or identifying with your brand.

Beyond Experiential’s vision & passion is to channel our extensive history of experience, knowledge, integrity, and energy by working side-by-side with the brand architects to create unforgettable one-of-kind experiences that strengthen a brand’s connection to its customer all while achieving sustainable, measurable results. As a full service Experiential Marketing Consultation group we provide a multitude of proven execution and operational strategies including interactive branding elements, logistics, and staffing solutions as they relate to market-specific programs, one-off or multi-city activations, and mobile marketing tours.

We can create an experience that will inspire emotion from your consumer. Oftentimes the consumer feedback that we hear the most is a simple “thank you” because these events evoke smiles, laughter, and a sometimes even a nice fun distraction from an otherwise hectic day. This is what your consumer will take with them. Experiential marketing is more than just the samples that are given out, it is more about the memorable impact made on the daily lives of your consumer.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou

Like our clients, we at Beyond know that experiential marketing allows brands to personally connect into the lives of the consumers, to become a part of their lifestyle and their individual story. These interactive experiences create long lasting relationships. In turn, these relationships can build lifelong loyalty. We understand that the consumer isn’t thinking of a commercial he may have seen and forgotten, instead he is remembering the unique experience he may have felt which is now forever associated with that brand.

We can help facilitate all of your branded materials manufacturing needs with our large-scale on-site printing services. For over two decades we have gone above and beyond for our clients to meet if not exceed all expectations. Our vendor networks and relationships have been culled over the years and we are proud to extend this network to our family of clients. Beyond Experiential can provide it all. From branded materials manufacturing, such as tents and booths for convention footprints, to wrapped trucks; we can build your interactive branded experience better, we have the technology.